17 Incredibly Embarrassing Moments

Being a teenager is hard enough than to have something that is absolutely life-ruining to happen, here are the most embarrassing moments to happen to every teenager that well would like to forget. If you liked this page, don’t forget to check out: 11 most embarrassing moments that happen at school.

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1. When you have to wear matching outfits with family

2. When your best friend wants to tell a secret

3. When you say something wrong in front of your crush

4. When your dad tries to be cool

5. When you mistake a person for someone else

6. When you look crazy

7. When people notice you give up in class

8. When people tell you its embarrassing


9. When you wave back at someone who wasn't waving at you

10. When you say something embarrassing to your crush

11. When someone tags you in an awful picture

12. When you wish you created a 'formal' email address

For very formal occassions

13. When you fall over

And everyone probably saw your underwear

14. When your friend leaves you for one minute

It feels like forever

15. When you have to watch this movie with your parents

16. When you friend seems to talk at the wrong moment

17. When your mum TRIES TO BE COOL


These are just as bad as some other embarrassing moments that happened previously; 11 most embarrassing moments that happen at school, What embarrassing things to happen have you tried to erase from memory?

Let us know in the comments below, pictures are welcome ;-)