17 Lies you believed growing up

Do you remember the lies you believed growing up? Parents would tell you anything to make you do something you didn’t want to do and now that you remember them – it makes you dislike them a little bit!

1. That you were adopted

2. That Santa Clause had a special key to get into the house

3. And those 'presents' under the tree were empty boxes

4. That every meat was chicken

5. And any vegetable was 'carrots'

6. Oh and that one time you did it spinach you were told its leaves

7. That your hamster changed colour every so often

8. We never had two fish

9. No they don't know what happened to your favourite toy

10. McDonalds isn't open

11. The policeman will tell you off

12. The lady in the shop will have a go at you

13. Your favourite tv programmes aren't on after 7pm

14. Mummy and daddy are going to bed soon too

15. If you don't behave I'll tell your dad/mum

16. The easter bunny stops coming when you turn 12

17. The toothfairy doesn't leave money

Were there any lies you believed growing up?