18 things that annoy you everyday

There are some things that annoy you everyday and no matter how hard you try life is just not giving you a break!

1. When packaging doesn't work with you

2. When you don't have scissors handy

3.When this happens you want to give up life right now!

4. When you pick up the wrong size

5. When someone is evil enough to put something empty back!

6. Why would someone do this?

7. When you feel let down by the brand

8. When false advertising is just annoying

9. When it doesn't work as well as you hoped

10. When all you want is to fit!

11. when nothing goes right

12. When something is overcompensating for no reason at all

13. When you aren't as strong as you wanted to be

14. when you can't even do this right

15. When you forgot to buy toothpaste

16. When life doesn't want you to move forward

17. When all you want are the simpler things

18. When you don't even know how it happened!