19 favourite moments from school

Reflecting back on memories from time in education can be uplifting, happy and sad, and to celebrate the summer and another year ending we have some of the most popular favourite moments from school.

1. When this is drama that is the talk of 5 years

2. When you make friends for life

And you know they'll be there forever

3. When every Friday comes around


4. When you can laugh at bad moments with your friends

5. When you judge other people for the smallest things

6. When you don't get in trouble for not completing an assignment

7. When you think of something funny to say to a teacher

8. When your friend is off for a day

And you can tell them about everything that happened

9. When you have a snow day

Especially when you don't need a snow day

10. When you can talk about those people who got a bit ridiculous

11. When you start to become used to actually going

12. When you have stupid jokes with your friends

13. When you finally get to leave!

14. When you can do the bare minimum and still pass

15. When you somehow become a genius

16. all of those weird and wonderful rules

17. When the teacher doesn't understand he is doing something funny

18. When you get to overcome the bad people

19. When you actually get to spend time with your friends

Surely that makes it great right?

Here are some of your favourite moments from school and will have you looking back happily into the past.