19 Times cats distracted your studying

We all love cats, hell the internet loves cats, but there are times when we don’t love them and that includes when cats distracted your studying.

1. They attack your hand

2. They don't look happy

3. They literally stop you reading

4. And writing

5. And working altogether

6. They look at you with those big eyes

7. And their tiny paws

8. Or don't even look at you at all

9. Hope that isn't a library book

10. Or a library pencil

11. Because you're never getting these back

12. You can't even look past that face

13. Or move your arm. Ever again.

14. Or that arm.

15. Or that calculator actually

16. What you need is probably underneath there

17. And that

18. Or him

19. Oh and him

But we love them anyway

Any occasion when cats distracted your studying? Could you stop them?