21 dogs loving life

Everybody loves dogs – even the internet loves dogs! Here are 21 dogs loving life who are rubbing in how much fun they have each and every day.

1. Keeping it cool

2. Showing the new outfit off

3. Group Selfie of course

4. Who says middle age is a problem for canines?

5. Slumber party

6. Calling a sickie at work

7. Biker babes are a must

8. Taking risks

9. Total hipster

10. Snuggle time

11. Pre-drinking with the bro

Who has those shots?

12. #Nofilter

13. All suited for work

14. Travelling the world

15. Childhood friends

16. "Get one of me looking natural"

17. Halloween gone wrong

18. Road trip

19. Unlikely friends

20. Modelling shoot

21. Sex on the beach