21 times your best friend is there for you

Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives? Well, if you’re luck enough to have that special bae who is above and beyond the rest, listen up, as here are 22 times when your best friend is there for you and you need to appreciate.

1. When your BFF agrees with you

2. When they tell you how funny you are

And probably laugh at your jokes when they're not funny

3. When they have your back

4. When they cheer you on

You know you've done them proud

5. When they understand your pain

6. When they REALLY have your back

7. They never correct you

8. When they lie for and with you

There is a keeper there!

9. They change sexuality for you

10. They'll never have another BFF

Its just you two baby

11. They understand when you don't want to talk

12. They always pick up the phone when you call

13. They have the same sense of humour

Or even pretend to half the time so you're okay

14. They are prepared to tell you something any time of day

15. They're fine not knowing how you became BFF

16. They're never mad at you for long

17. Definitely

18. They won't replace you

19. They have the same goals as you

20. Your BFF knows what you're feeling all the time

21. They put up with you

What times are your best friend there for you?