22 pets that are better than yours

These animals are off the scale when comparing them to your own, here are 22 pets that are better than yours!

1. This dog that can high-five!

2. This happy-go-lucky puppy!

3. These tor- I mean dinosaurs


5. The cutest dog ever

6. This cat with a mane hat!

7. These four dogs in the Halloween spirit

8. This lion!

9. Bunny. Yes, we think it's a bunny!

10. This dog that wears goggles

11. This smiling hedgehog

12. The surf-boarding dog

13. The cat who holds your cutlery for you

14. The dog who wears mascara

15. I mustache you how cute is this dog!

16....and this cat!

17. The dog who takes his secret hero identity very seriously

18. These two who finally tied the knot

19. This cat who is too cool for school

20. Living the pug life

21. This sheep with table manners

22. And your best friend - who literally does anything for you!