23 Funny Exam Questions

Now that exam season is nearly fully upon us, here are some funny answers to exam questions that we all wish we had the guts to write – but we don’t. But we’re still really glad that someone did have!

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1. Beyonce would be proud

2. Who doesn't want to add their own?

3. Sad, but true?

4. Technically correct.

5. If only!

6. Maybe they need a Feminism lesson!

7. Clever!

8. Well, it isn't... wrong?!

9. This deserves a mark!

10. Correct!

11. Very creative!

12. Too funny to mark!

13. A point for creativity!

14. Which did happen!

15. Surely, it's opinion?

16. Who wouldn't want to do this?

17. Surely everyone agrees with this!

18. We are too scared to find out who wrote this!

19. Nothing wrong here!

20. A point for honesty?

21. This can be argued!

22. Maybe they were thinking about something else?

23. Finally, a mark!

What answers would you have given to the questions above? Write them below!

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