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5 of the best university pranks ever

5 of the best university pranks ever

5 of the best university pranks ever

Pranks play an important role at universities up and down the country and you may find you yourself are the butt of the joke if you don’t keep on top of the latest tricks. Fortunately, we are here to keep you informed of the latest mischiefs to enter the university scene, giving you the perfect opportunity to make yourself king prankster as we name our top five pranks of 2013.

Number 1: All Wrapped Up
If you find that your mates are all wrapped up in their assignments, it might be a good idea to lighten the mood a little and leave them with a few presents to open upon their return from studying. Our first prank shows that it does not have to be Christmas and the items do not have to be under a tree. We recommend that you use one solid colour to wrap all items, preferably using a single colour throughout to further emphasise a job well done.

Number 2: Happy Birthday to you
Balloons are fun and the perfect decoration for birthday celebrations. However, a room filled full of balloons from ceiling to floor becomes a ‘slight’ inconvenience and by ‘slight’, we mean so annoying that you will find yourself picking up the remains of popped balloons for a few days afterwards. This alone makes the balloon prank one of our favorites and with the price of balloons remaining stable for now, this prank shouldn’t break the bank balance in the process.

Number 3: Time to quench your thirst?
This has to be one of my favourite pranks; it takes a little time don’t get me wrong, but it’s well worth the effort for the utter annoyance and sometimes anger it brings upon its unfortunate victim. It’s advised that you fill the whole room with cups for full effect and it’s best to stick with water, because the consequences of your actions can often result in liquid being spilt everywhere during the process of removal.

Number 4: Shiny, Shiny, Shiny show!
This joke is much like our ‘all wrapped up’ prank, but involves the use of lots of tinfoil and can be performed in a matter of minutes on any unsuspecting friend who has been silly enough to leave their possessions unattended. However, we know tinfoil is not cheap and to do a good job does require large quantities of the stuff, so keep this in mind before turning your friend’s room into a shiny mess of belongings.
Number 5: Where did I leave that note? ‘Mental Memo’ you say?
Believe it or not, post-it notes have more than one use, however the example we are about to give is probably not as productive as their original purpose. All this prank requires is a couple of post-it notes and a large object or room to place the ‘notes’. The best thing about this prank is how easy it is to pull off and the convenience to complete the prank, start to finish, in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is make sure that each and every item is covered, front to back, top to bottom and floor to ceiling for maximum amusement.


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