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6 things students worry about

6 things students worry about

6 things students worry about

Applying for university and becoming a university student is a stressful time, and added on top of this stress will be other things on your mind. We know how it feels to be in your position and we have advice to keep your stress levels low – where they should be! We have the most common things students worry about below.

Not being popular

Starting university can bring up anxieties of not being cool, trendy or even smart enough. Just remember that the university offered you a place for a reason and that you have great potential. Don’t let worrying about how others think of you to get you down, there will be so many different and out there personalities at university and you will fit in with a decent crowd and make friends.

Not being able to do grown up things

If you are thinking about cleaning, cooking and shopping then you are already half way there. It is okay if you don’t know how to work a washing machine or what products you need to clean the toilet. You can call up your family or friends, ask somebody in your Halls or if you really embarrassed then you will always have Google by your side!

Never having any money

Being a student is hard and extremely difficult when it comes to money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything, ever, in your three to four years studying. Look for special deals, split bills with friends and find free day out ideas from the internet. Remember, everyone is in the same boat as you so you aren’t alone!

Paying Bills

Paying bills are the top set of responsibilities you will have to learn when starting university. The best thing to do is to write down all the bills and direct debits you need to pay each month and then writing them on a calendar or even onto your phone as notifications so you can keep an eye on them. Always make sure you will have enough in your account for the bills to come out, or otherwise it will damage your credit rating and your bank may even charge you for not being able to pay it.

Moving away from home

Moving away from family, friends and what is familiar to you will always be daunting, even if you wasn’t flying away to attend university. Remember that the first couple of weeks at Halls and Freshers will be a great opportunity to mingle and make new friends. A lot of people are going through the same thoughts and emotions so talking it out will do some good.

If you made the right choice

This will happen to every student at some point of their university life. It is completely natural. Most of the time it is because of lack of confidence in your ability or if you are finding the course challenging. If you are, make an appointment with your personal tutor or lecturer for your classes to talk through any extra activities you can do to catch up. If you have any other concerns your tutor and student union will have the time and advice to get you in the place you want to be.

Worrying is a natural part of life especially with a big lifestyle change like attending university. Remember that majority of people are feeling the same way and going through exactly the same thing as you!

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