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7 best things about university

7 best things about university

7 best things about university

University is an amazing experience for most students and even if you don’t the entire three to four years partying every night there are some perks about studying for a degree! Here are the 7 best things about university.

1. Social life

You’re going to meet so many new people during Fresher’s week and the time after. You’ll have new housemates, classmates and general university friends. If you don’t live at university you will still make friends in your classes and those who are on your course but studying different modules. One of the great things about university is that everybody has a different mind-set and people get along a lot than in school or college.

2. Freedom

If you live at Halls you’ll gain the freedom of going out and staying in whenever you want. You choose what to have and when to cook dinner, what to buy and even when to do the housework! (Except the universities that have room checks!)

3. Studying what you want

Most universities allow you to choose your modules/classes, so your degree really is personal! By being able to choose what classes to take you’ll find yourself more interested in the material and can study deeper into your passions!

4. Student loan

Even though being a student is tough work and you feel like you have been poor and homeless for three or four years, student loans are a blessing! They are literally a lifesaver, and you might find when you graduate that you’re so use to living for the three-month pay check!

5. Meeting new people

Your university will seem huge, and there will be a lot more people than who you went to school or college with. Most of the time your friends won’t choose the same university or course as you which will force you to meet new people and make new friends, which works out great – and you make friends for life!

6. A step towards your future

Your time at university will set you up for life with learning responsibilities such as, cleaning, paying bills, juggling priorities and budgeting your money. These lessons and the degree itself is your first step at becoming a full-functioning adult! Well done! There will be tough times and others where you feel like your luck never runs out, but at least you’re going somewhere.

7. Not having to be a responsible adult

You are at least 18 years old and to some that means you’re an adult, but because you’re a student and still in education you can use this excuse to say that you’re not really an adult! If you do have parents and family who give you an easier time due to you being a student definitely play on it, because eventually you’ll have to act your age!

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