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The 8 types of procrastination

The 8 types of procrastination

The 8 types of procrastination

When it comes to studying, especially at university level where so much is left down to you and your willpower, there are many types of procrastination that you’re going to undoubtedly try out. Even if you believe you are the hardest working student at your institution, there will come a time when you just want to study, and here are some examples!


The main type of procrastination is when you deny that you are doing it at all! This realisation will come to you when you receive that coursework grade back and read the feedback. You’ll complain to your friends about how you work so hard and spend every waking minute studying, and then remember that you spent an entire weekend watching Batman before the deadline was due…


When it comes to serious studying time most students turn their phone off, close themselves away and sit and focus. However, you’ll find that yourself checking Facebook, texting everybody back straight away, leave your dorm room open and look around the library to watch other students studying. Allowing distractions to actually take your concentration is a procrastinator’s excuse!

Vicious circle

The biggest example of a vicious circle is when you spend time thinking, writing, social media-ing and talking about how much work you have to do, but not actually doing it! Add up all that time you have wasted talking about procrastinating and sit down and study! The more you think about how you’re not doing any work will just add up and go on and on and on…


Secret procrastination is when you tell your friends and family that you’re studying in the room or going to the library to write that essay, however, you’re on Facebook, reading that book or taking that nap that you have fantasised about the entire day. The secret procrastination is a dangerous one because everybody believes you are an honour student when really you’re living a double life!


You can blame television, that movie that you really wanted to see, the friend that needed your help or the chores you couldn’t put off for the reason that you’re not studying. But let’s be honest, the only reason you’re not working is because you don’t want to.


Sometimes when your mind is simply not being cooperative, you’ll find inventive ways to create a distraction. Like sorting out that sock pile, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, cooking dinner for the next three nights, or organising your Facebook Photo Albums – anything to just stop you doing that coursework.


You told everyone that you’re going to study the weekend; your friends, family, cat, Followers on Twitter and even yourself. Although when Friday night crawls around – usually around 7 pm – you start to wondering what you could be doing and it ends up being what you are physically doing. You’ll text your friends to see where they are and meet them there and make up this story that you deserve to let your hair down and the revision can wait.


Only you will know how much work you have to do and what you actually need to get done, but, if you end up organising your document folders and deleting old bookmark folders instead of taking notes, you’re only fooling yourself! The fake procrastinator uses everything somewhat related to the work as a substitute for the ‘real’ studying. Now, stop making up that revision timetable and study!

Procrastination is the one and only damaging enemy of students. It will keep you up during the night so that you’re too tired throughout the day, and the only way to overcome it is to suck it up and study! Now, stop browsing the internet and open that textbook.

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