90s kids favourite toys from their childhood

Here are some of the best 90s kids favourite toys from their childhoods, and they even totally rock now. There is no way that any toy or gadget from 2000 onwards can beat these gems.

1. Are you afraid of the dark?

Yes, very much so after playing this!

2. Crash Bandicoot

Nothing will ever beat this original legendary game

3. Dear Diary

Basically the original PA

4. My little Pony

The originals of course.

5. Troll Dolls

And all of their different coloured hair!

6. Dream phone

7. Gameboy

Especially colour - woah, practically a revolution

8. Paper folding game

Which no one really knows the name of...

9. Sonic

So many rings and so little time

10. Tamigotchi

Which you always forgot to feed so had to reset it every few weeks as it died

11. Robot dog

The flip was impresive!

12. Crayola mini stamps

Yes, pens were toys!

13.Orignial furbie ruled the world

14. Guess who?

Does he have glasses?

15. Tekken

16. Gooey Louie

Who knew snot could be as fun?

17. Mouse Trap

Which took longer to set up than it did to play

18. Spyro

Nobody can beat Spyro. Seriously the best thing to happen in the entire 90s

What were your 90s kids favourite toys?