90s trends we don’t want to come back ever

There are some wonderful parts of history that we would love to repeat themselves, however, there are certain 90s trends we don’t want to come back ever.

1. Hair crimping

Please no

2. Urgh these shoes

3. Oversized clothing

That hat is way to big y'all

4. Neck Chokers

I never liked these things

5. Double denim which includes hats

And quadruple denim in this case

6. This butterfly clips

7. Snap bracelets

Yep, we literally use to just hit our wrists

8. Candy bracelets

Enough is enough

9. Wearing all of the same colour

10. Metallic shiny clothing

11. Suede clothing

It just feels wrong, in all senses

12. The beloved scrunchie

13. Just this. Anything to do with this.

What 90s trends do you wish you could abolish for good?