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Accommodation and Clearing 2014

Accommodation and Clearing 2014

Accommodation and Clearing 2014

Clearing is a UCAS process that matches up students to a university if they haven’t received the grades they were predicted or applied after the 30th June, through this process students may feel anxious about their accommodation and clearing, but there really isn’t much to worry about.

When to start talking about where you’re going to live

During the Clearing process, and when you are on the phone to the admissions/admin department of universities asking about what places they have available, you can talk to them about their allocated accommodation and if their will be a spot for you on Campus.

Where to find out if the university will have accommodation available

You can check on the university’s website for information regarding their accommodation and Campus, and there will be a separate department to deal with any issues regarding this. You can check their status before you call up and apply, if securing a place at Halls is a big issue for you.

What if I don’t get a place at Halls

Some universities can’t provide accommodation for all students, especially those who apply during Clearing, as all of their available spaces have been allocated. You need to make finding a place to live the next big priority. You can ask the university for advice and if they know of any places/agencies/landlords that students have gone through before. You can also read our article on what to do if you don’t secure a place at Halls.

An Open Day

If your university is hosting an Open Day before you start your first year, you should visit them, and ask for advice on Student Finance, accommodation and any other worries you may have. Most Open Days feature second or third year students and they’ll be perfect for answering any questions about finding a place to stay.

Remember to not let the stress of finding a place to live to overwhelm you, it is a difficult time, but the university will help you find a place to stay, because they want you to be settled and comfortable to start studying!

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