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Adjustment 2018: Step-By-Step

Adjustment 2018: Step-By-Step

Adjustment 2018: Step-By-Step

If you received better grades that you were predicted – well done! – and now you have the choice of sticking with your preferred choices, or looking for another course and/or university that required higher grades or UCAS tariff points. Here is Adjustment 2018.

If you are happy with your decision then you can go on ahead and confirm your place through UCAS, but if you want something else? We can guide you through it.

Once you have received your results, you need to wait to view your offers from your choices. To be eligible for Adjustment 2018:

  • Your results need to meet and exceed the conditions of their conditional firm choice. So this means if you needed BBC, your results could be BBB or AAB etc. You need to have done better than the pass mark to go through to Adjustment.
  • Your place needs to be confirmed
  • You had to have paid the full application fee (single entry applicants can pay an additional £11 to register)
  • You have to check on university websites, where the information about potential Clearing and Adjustment places are listed. There may not be correct places listed, but there may be estimates – so you can choose whether or not to apply for this course.
  • You need to be checking your UCAS account and the universities that you are thinking about changing to regularly, as it is a busy time and candidates only have from the 14th of August (Results day) to the 31st August to secure their place – whether it is through Clearing, Adjustment or just confirming their offers.
  • You will have to contact the universities yourself – like Clearing, nobody else can do it for you – and this is a great opportunity to get a place on a different course or to got to a different university entirely, which could be a great new option for you!

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