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When is Adjustment 2018?

When is Adjustment 2018?

When is Adjustment 2018?

Adjustment is when applicants exceeded their conditions and entry requirements on their course choices, had their place confirmed and paid full application fee on UCAS. If you paid the single fee, and received higher grades than expected you can pay the registration fee to sign up to Adjustment.

Adjustment 2018 begins on A-Level results day (August 17th) and it runs until 31st August. Don’t get mixed up with Clearing, as Clearing runs for a longer period than Adjustment, and you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.

Students will have an individual adjustment period and this is when your offer has changed from Conditional Firm (CF) to Unconditional Firm (UF), there are a number of different , or the 17th of August, your results day, whichever is later.

After this starts you have a maximum of five calendar days (including weekends, which means five 24 hour days) to register and secure a new course. The UCAS Track choices page shows you when your deadline is to find an alternative course, if you want one.

If your individual adjustment period starts later, and before 31st August, you will have the remaining time before the period ends, to make a decision. For example, if your individual adjustment period started on the 30th August, you will only have two days to complete it, not five calendar days.

You must register for Adjustment if you want to go through the process, as once you are registered, universities are able to see your application and results and offer you a place.

If you are happy with your course choice then there is no need to register or go through adjustment at all – just confirm your choice and start planning for university!

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