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Alternatives to attending university

Alternatives to attending university

Alternatives to attending university

Reaching the age of 17 or 18 can be a tough time for most young people as most adults around them tend to ask what they have decided to do for the rest of their lives – although it isn’t that simple as they believe it is. Choosing the career for the rest of your life, or what you’re going to study at university and where you will live for the three years you are an undergraduate are big decisions for anyone at any age. There are alternatives to attending university if you feel that you are not quite ready to make any of these life choices, or attend higher education just yet. But there is plenty of advice for students out there.

Take a year off

Simply, you can just take a year off and what you do during these twelve months are entirely up to you! Only you should truly decide what to do with your time and as long as you are able to sustain yourself and your decisions don’t harm anyone else, then surely there isn’t an opposing argument?

Become a traveller

The world is your oyster, and you can choose to visit any place that your heart desires. Many students choose to backpack across Europe or Asia or visit places on their bucket list. Maybe you have always wanted to see the coastlines of New Zealand, lay on the beaches of Thailand or see the Northern Lights fill the sky with colour on a freezing January night. Choosing to see the world during a gap year is a great way to gain life experiences and skills you wouldn’t normally get in everyday life.

Gain work experience

Choosing to spend a year away from university is a tough decision, especially since most young people go on to study a degree after completing their A Levels or BTECs. However, if you’re not sure about what you want to study or if you want to attend university, then taking time out to fully understand what you want to do is perfectly okay.

Deciding to go to university is a very big decision, and taking the chance of not going is even bigger. There are lots of opportunities in the world and you’ll come across much more during your years as you grow and progress as an individual, such as gap years and the like, but you have to ask yourself, should I go on a gap year? University will be there, waiting for you if you decide to study after taking a few months, a year or even more out. Lots of courses also start in January as well as the standard autumn start of September. Don’t feel bad if you decide to choose an alternative to university after receiving your results – there is enough of things for you to do out there in the world.


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