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Apps that Make Studying Easier

Apps that Make Studying Easier

Apps that Make Studying Easier

We all love apps to make our life that little bit easier, so we have found some great apps that will help you with your studying, whether it is making sure you don’t get distracted too easily or find it hard to get up in the morning! These apps are guaranteed to make your studying that bit easier!


Selfcontrol is the app that will keep Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat away! This amazing app lets you block certain websites on your internet for a certain time period. This is great if you need to do a power-revision session or are spending the day at the library. This app can lead into a great routine (And having a routine is vitally important at university, planning at university is alway useful) and help you set dedicated and uninterrupted time for studying.

WARNING: Once you have set up the timer it is nearly impossible to reverse! Make sure you are paying attention when you are typing in the set time to avoid being without hashtags for 20 hours instead of 2. It is impossible to reverse even if you delete the app and try to turn it off, it sees it as a weakness and still doesn’t allow you to do. That is some Selfcontrol there!


Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning? Are you worried you will miss your classes? Alarmy (or Sleep If U Can) is perfect for students who aren’t lucky enough to be ‘morning people’. This alarm clock app is different from the rest, as the alarm won’t turn off until you take a picture of the kitchen sink, or whatever you type in, forcing you to get up. One good idea is to choose something from the bathroom or kitchen so you can start your routine once you turn the alarm off!

WARNING: Set the settings to Easy in case the photo you are choosing is too difficult or time-consuming. This way the alarm will not keep ringing and waking the rest of your housemates up! Try to choose lots of different pictures so it is different every day, otherwise, you might become immune to it!

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This is the app for science or math students that have forgotten their calculator at home. Do you really need your calculator with the special and complicated buttons? Then it is a good idea to install RealCalc Scientific Calculator on Google Play! With better functions than the basic calculator you will have on your phone, it is always handy to have this app.

WARNING: Some functions are not supported on the free version which means you may have to pay out to get all the perks and you are unable to change the colour of the calculator itself, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you like grey.

Find My Phone

Are you always losing your phone when you are out or find it stuck behind the sofa? With this app, all you need to do is create an account and verify numbers with your friends, and then whenever you or your friends lose their phones you can track it! The app works with GPS and locator settings and can tell you the area that it is in.

WARNING: You need to verify the numbers before you are able to use the tool. A text message will be sent to your friends or family members asking them to confirm their locations and the same with your phone. The location is not pinpointed exactly but it gives you an idea whether you lost your phone whilst out the night before or have mislaid in your house.

101 Drinking Games

Even though it may seem impossible to think of a pre-night out with your housemates without a deck of cards on hand, but this app is here for you in case it happens. You can add favourite games, look up cocktail recipes, check how many players you need, see how drunk the game will get you or even just browse the games featured. This game will have the cards and rules for each game so you can use your smartphone as a deck. However, the game is useful to have if you do have a deck but just couldn’t think of a good game to play!

WARNING: The game may become tiresome if you have to use your phone as a deck and keep having to pass it around the circle, especially with a large number of people.


Are you still unsure about how to cite or reference in your essays? ReferenceME will create them for you! You can scan the barcode of the book, or enter the details manually and you have the option or emailing or Facebooking the references to yourself. There is the choice of Quick Scan, which allows you to scan a book straight away, or My Projects which lets you see your previous references made. You can even choose the different type of referencing with, Harvard, Oxford, APA and any others you may never have heard of before! It even has the option of footnotes and bibliography, doing all the hard work for you!

WARNING: Even with the Quick Scan option, there is a chance the app can’t retrieve all the information. This means you may need to enter the page number or volume number manually. Remember to check the reference before you put it in your essay or otherwise it will have parts missing! You are only able to send one reference at a time so get ready to receive lots of emails!

We hope that these apps will make your studying life easier and less of a chore! Download the University Compare app at the iTunes store and see how easy it is to compare universities at your fingertips.

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