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Are you an Appy Student? – Best Student Mobile Apps

Are you an Appy Student? – Best Student Mobile Apps

Are you an Appy Student? – Best Student Mobile Apps

If there’s anything, we like to do here at University Compare, its make your student life as easy as possible. We know that juggling assignments on top of lectures and placements are difficult, so we’ve devised a list of the best student apps to help you through. These handy little tools will do anything from making sure you wake up refreshed to reminding you to bring the right book to the right lecture.

Starting off the list is iStudiez Pro, some of its features include a calendar which tracks your schedule for the day, giving you a detailed list of classes you need to attend, an assignment review which manages your due dates by priority and a notifications feature which ensures you are never late for class. What’s more impressive is the grades tracker; this tracks your grades in percentages, points or letters and helps to calculate your overall grade for the year. This app is available in over twenty-five languages and is a complete organisational tool in your pocket.


If you’ve ever lost your USB stick during the hand-in week, you will appreciate this app more than anyone. Dropbox enables you to save all documents, photos and files to your mobile, so they’re accessible at any time. No more frantically searching for your USB the morning of a big presentation, you can relax knowing it’s all stored safely on your trusty iPhone.

iTunes U

Self-described as “A lifetime of learning on tap” this app is a student’s best friend. It allows you to download course material and lectures from some of the best universities in the world. By downloading this app, you gain access to more than 500,000 free lectures, books and other vital resources for your studies. As this is all on your iPhone or iPad if you find something that will help a fellow classmate, twitter, messages or mail are just touch away, and it also integrates with iBooks to make life even easier.

MotionX Sleep

It’s easy to slip into unhealthy sleeping patterns when you share a house with five other students. Everyone has different routines but if you’re not used to constant late nights this may take its toll on you and affect your studies. MotionX Sleep is a brilliant device made by those clever people at Apple. By simply putting your iPhone under your pillow, it’s able to monitor and analyse your sleep cycle, wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep, and generates white noise or relaxing music so you fall asleep more peacefully. You can set your own alarm tone or use one of its built in sounds of nature. This is perfect for students who tend to rely on all-nighters in the library at the end of term. By getting a decent night sleep you will be able to stay alert during the day and work efficiently, those lonely lights in the library will be a thing of the past.

It’s not only those with an iPhone who can benefit from these helpful little apps, Android also have a great selection to make your university experience as easy as possible.

Android developers have done it again, another quirky idea that’s sure to come in handy. ShareYourBoard allows you to take a photo of a whiteboard and share it with others, perfect for those crucial lectures your hung-over flat mate couldn’t face going to. ShareYourBoard isn’t just another camera tool; it detects the edges of the whiteboard and adjusts the image while enhancing the quality to ensure it’s legible. You can stop worrying about note taking now; just get your mobile out!

Studious is similar to iPhone’s iStudiez in that it is a complete organisational tool in one. Throw away your boring paper planner and get technical instead, this is the perfect student planner. This app reminds you of important deadlines and exam dates, and once you input your class timetable, it ensures your phone will remain silent during an important lecture, no more embarrassing ringtones in the middle of a silent lecture hall. Studious allows you to save text notes, photos and will remind you of important dates; it will not let you miss a thing!

Trip Journal

Once you’re phone is fully stocked with these helpful apps we’re certain your academic year will have passed with a breeze. The perfect way to reward your hard work is a holiday, and yes, there’s an app for that!Trip Journal is one of our favourites if you’re thinking of taking a summer break to Europe or Asia than we strongly suggest you download this before stepping foot on the plane! This app gives you the chance to keep a full log of your travels, from plotting routes, adding notes, place marks and storing photographs. You will remember every detail when you return home after keeping the perfect travel journal.

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