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When should you attend university open days?

When should you attend university open days?

When should you attend university open days?

University open days occur throughout the entire year, institutions such as colleges and universities like to organise them to be all-year round so they seem available to all potential students and parents. You need to think about what questions you should ask at an open day, too. If you’re wondering; when should you attend university open days, then look below to see how and when they can benefit you and see if they help to let you know what you should do on a university open day.

Should I visit a university before applying?

It can seem tempting, or even helpful to attend open days for many universities to help you make a decision on where to apply to, however, there is literally not enough time in the day, or enough days in the year before the deadline closes in this case! You should only visit a university before applying through UCAS if you are trying to narrow down your top choices. It’s not helpful to attend open days of universities that aren’t anywhere near your top 4 as this will only waste time and make the choice that more difficult.

Potential students could visit an open day to help establish which of their choices are their first choice on UCAS Track as it can be tricky to narrow it down to the final few.

Should I visit an open day before receiving offers from a university?

Yes! It is really helpful in the decision process to attend an open day between January and May of the year. As most students who are planning to go to university in the next academic year have exams and coursework due from May afterwards during exam season, it can be really tough to fit in Open days during this time. Therefore, visiting your universities on your top choices list before your busy schedule occurs is a really good idea. It will also be during the time that your universities will be making their decision and making offers regarding your grades and acceptance. By looking at an institution before responding to an offer you’ll have a better chance at being able to make the right decision for you.

Can I visit an open day after I have received offers from my universities?

Yes! It’s okay to visit institutions even after you have received your offers. Open days are insightful and informative events organised by the colleges or universities themselves, and a lot of the things that you’ll learn or walk away with won’t be easy to find online or inside a prospectus. In this case, getting a feel of a place before or after receiving your offers will help you either way. Potential students are still able to change their minds – you have until the end of Clearing and Adjustment for that!

Should I attend an open day when I know what university I am going to?

Yes! It wouldn’t hurt to visit the place you’re going to be for the next three to four years of your life! You can have a chance to walk around campus, find out about the local area and learn valuable information!

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