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What to avoid at Freshers?

What to avoid at Freshers?

What to avoid at Freshers?

Now that Freshers is literally around the corner you have the top tips for freshers and you’ve printed out your Checklist of the things you must take to university, here is what to avoid at Freshers to guarantee you have a great time and not make a mockery of yourself!

Drinking too much

It will be extremely hard to resist the student bar prices and the four digit number currently in your student bank account, however, you should shy away from over drinking. Sharing a drink with your new housemates and fellow students will be a fantastic way to socialise and relax during the anxious time of starting Higher Education, but you need to be aware of your limit. The best way to ensure you don’t overdo it is to eat before you go out or start drinking and to stop when you feel that you’re too drunk – even if your new dorm buddies are trying to persuade you otherwise! And if you don’t drink for your own personal reasons don’t allow peer pressure to get to you; stick to your guns!

Making a fool of yourself

It can be hard to define when you are stepping over a line especially when you are testing the waters with your new friends, although, there may be times when you will make a fool of yourself. Remember, everyone does it at some point so don’t be too hard on yourself, but there are ways to avoid it altogether. By watching what you drink, and thinking before you speak and act, you’ll be on your best behaviour and presenting the best assets of your personality. Everyone at Freshers is excited to meet their new classmates and there is the entire year to get to know them and share your personal experiences and parts of yourself – but, the first week of university is not the time or place!

Pretending to be someone you’re not

Humans are good at picking up something that isn’t the entire truth, and your fellow students will be the same! Don’t try to be someone you’re not to please your new friends or change who you are. University is literally filled with thousands of students and you will make friends and find people to connect with and share interests. You shouldn’t be tempted to ‘tweak’ your personality to try and guarantee someone will like you. Although, university is a great opportunity to try new experiences and a chance to reinvent certain things about yourself, but you don’t need an entire makeover!

Little white lies

Lying is never a good idea, even when drinking may make you confident and you believe the lie yourself! If you tell a fib during Freshers or the beginning of university, the truth will definitely come out eventually and it won’t look good on you. Also, if you tell a little white lie you’ll spend the rest of university trying to ensure you don’t slip up or that the truth slips out, and that is a lot of effort for whatever the reason may be that you lied. If you do tell a fib at the start of the first year, blame it on the drinking game or that you didn’t understand the question and move on swiftly!

Spending too much

Your bank account has never looked so sweet – trust us! But, the temptation to abuse that student discount will be hard to ignore. However, as soon as you indulge in that spending spree, and three weeks later your card is declined when you try to buy your groceries at Tesco the feeling will be horrible. So, our advice is to resist buying those skinny jeans you think you’ll look great in, and go buy some hearty pasta instead!

Freshers will, undoubtedly, be one of the greatest times of your life, and to ensure that it is as wonderful as you dream it to be, revise our list of what to avoid at Freshers and go out there to enjoy yourself!

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