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Being a Student: What You Will Love at University

Being a Student: What You Will Love at University

Being a Student: What You Will Love at University

University is fantastic, put brilliantly by a non-student friend who used to visit often; “I feel like I’m on holiday when I’m here.” Now unless you’ve gone abroad to study and are currently topping up your tan on Bondi beach, we’re assuming they didn’t mean for the weather. There is a great feel around campus, you’re surrounded by thousands of like-minded people, your friends are a knock on the door away, and there are societies, clubs and shops on the corner for all your essentials, being a student is great!

It’s almost like being at a Butlins, but a fun Butlins; think less of bingo with your grandparents and more crawling home at 5 am with your friends and finding a 30kg Buddha statue sitting in your wardrobe. (We don’t know why either, but it’s happened.)

Other than the general atmosphere you will be living in for three years, there are twelve specific reasons you will love university:

    • Your student loan, it guarantee’s you two very important things in life, independence, and shopping and being a student, you’ll want your independence and it is vital that you manage a student loan very well. It’s that magical source of money you’ve never had before that makes you feel like a child on Christmas day when it appears in your bank. No longer are you asking your parents for £20 so you can go to the pub with your friends. It’s yours to do with what you like, whether you choose to be sensible and save it or blow it on freshers week, enjoy it! You’ve got years until you have to pay it back.
    • If you do find yourself going a bit overboard with spending (we’ve all been there) being at university means you wake up late, do 12 hours work a week and spend your nights at the pub. Despite this, your parent’s are still proud of you and offer to help you out with money when you need it, excellent!
    • You’ve had it pretty easy up until now, in hindsight, school was quite enjoyable and you met brilliant friends at college. Your parents have warned you about the ‘real world’ and how hard it is, well slap a big smile on your face and skip to your lecture because you’ve got another three years until you have to deal with that! (Unless of course, you decide to do a Masters – but try not to let your aversion to full-time work be your sole motivation!
    • The internet is no longer running on a hamster wheel, nor will you spend your time crouched over your router trying to get a decent connection, being a student can also be stressful! University Internet is quick WIFI and it is absolutely everywhere. (Including lecture rooms but we didn’t say that.)
    • It’s OKAY to go out on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Likewise, its OKAY to spend your ‘quiet nights’ down the pub. You’re a student, not an alcoholic.
    • It’s the day after a big night out and you’re literally crawling across campus for your 9AM lecture. As you arrive, dreading the next three hours, an angel appears and tells you the news you’ve been longing for, this lecture has been cancelled! Back to bed you go!
    • We’ve already covered student loan as one of the top thirteen reasons you will love university, but we haven’t mentioned the best part yet. The third installment comes in May, that’s right, the end of term, this means there is no rent or bills to pay, that money is yours to have the best summer of your life.
    • University is probably the first time you’ve lived away from your parents, the independence is great and you get to cook when you like, get up when you like and make as much noise as you like – this is why we have complied Fresher’s moving tips. (Be warned though, tired flat mates may be quietly plotting your death if you choose to play Dubstep at 3AM)
    • You’ve woken up fresh and ready to learn, you go to the kitchen to make tea but you’ve forgotten to get milk. (Unfortunately, there isn’t an endless supply that magically appears in your fridge like back at home) don’t panic! With five other flat mates, there’s bound to be milk on their shelves, just be clever and don’t take more than they would notice, shhh!
    • With most students only having lectures for 12 hours of the week, university leaves you with a lot of spare time. Perfect for catching up on Facebook, watching cats play the piano on YouTube and forming a solid relationship with your XBOX.
    • Twitter? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Nobody communicates via telephone, or god forbid, face to face anymore. Being at university will help you to make your stamp on the social networking world, want to arrange a night out? Get tweeting!
  • Some universities offer a bursary to spend on books and equipment for learning. The best part about being a student is the shop you are given the money for also stock laptops and iPods. Christmas has come early!

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