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The benefits of joining a University Society

The benefits of joining a University Society

The benefits of joining a University Society

Joining a university society offers students much more than becoming involved in something that interests you. It is an opportunity to learn new skills and be able to network and try something that is completely new and exciting.

Planning events

Societies host events, which could be only related and connected to themselves, or in relation to charities, the university or the local community. Event planning is great to have on your CV, and you could be catering for hundreds – and even thousands! – of students or members of the public. Event planning for each society meeting is still experience with organisation of events and people which will look really good once you leave university.

Working with others

Employers are interested in how their colleagues work well with others, because they will be spending their time doing this if they offer them a job! If you are a part of a society you can talk about what your role was, how it was connected to others, and how you were involved with other people. This will show maturity and a fantastic work ethic that will ensure you shine brighter than the rest!

Working outside

Becoming a part of a society requires dedication, passion and maturity – which is what employers want. They can see that you really pushed yourself outside of the classroom, and actually took interest in something other than what grade you received on your coursework!


Societies can relate to the degree you are taking or be completely random! Even the Harry Potter Society will prove to be exciting and different, and maybe a way to relieve stress if you are taking an accounting degree. A film society will work well with your Media Studies or Film course too. The possibilities are endless!

Things you wouldn’t normally do

You might be anxious about public speaking, meeting new people, or setting up events but a university society is a great way to take you out of your comfort zone and try new experiences that general student life won’t provide.

Working within a budget

The majority of societies have to gain funds from the university/government or through their own fundraising so it is a great way to learn how to budget and work with low funds. You can transfer these skills to your own financial situation, or understand how a society/small company works around funds.

A Chance to express yourself

Lastly, a huge benefit you’ll receive from joining a university society is a chance to let your hair down, relieve stress and express yourself in a creative outlet. There is no better way to balance your studies than with joining a university society, so go forth and sign up!

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