The best photobombs on the internet

Here are some of the best photobombs on the internet! Sit back and enjoy these animals and humans ruin what would have been a lovely photo for their own pleasure!

1. Wait For it.... (Seriously that meerkat?)

2. The rock literally rocked this photo

3. That Giraffe is giraffing me crazy"

4. This Emu knows how to photobomb

5. He knows what he is doing too

6. Maybe he doesn't...

7. Pretty good looking dog

8. Damn that shark for ruining this photo

9. Or that man's top

10. Who is she...?

11. That dog knows how to take a selfie

12. Great family photo here

13. This bird is not happy

14. The famous photobombing squirrel!

15. This kid is pretty happy to be there

16. And our all time favourite - Tom Hanks

Pretty much the best photobomb to every happen in the history of the universe.

What was the best photobomb to you in the list? Let us know by commenting below!