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Will University Increase Your Chances of Securing a Job?

Will University Increase Your Chances of Securing a Job?

Will University Increase Your Chances of Securing a Job?

There is the all-important question of, ‘Will university increase your chances of securing a job?’, and in some areas or opinions, it doesn’t reveal an answer. However, we at University Compare believe in the sanctity of university and higher education and the benefits it can provide each and every student. The job market isn’t at it’s best at the moment, and the horror stories of unemployment seem to stain the positive outcomes of obtaining a degree. Although we understand the difficulty that the unemployed face, here is what university can offer you and your work ethic once you graduate.

Independent learning

You would have studied three to four years, focusing on one area, and spending all of your time researching, writing and thinking about everything that surrounds this subject. The majority of student’s time are taken up by independent learning and work, and this will show employers that you are capable of working alone and knuckling down to get your work done in a timely manner.

Working with others

University includes group work, whether it is a small activity in class or a project that will be included in your final grade. Even if you find yourself never having to complete group work, you will have to attend lectures, classes and seminars with other people, and some of them you wish you didn’t have to. The ability to work with others and accept their views and opinions whilst developing your own mind is a great asset to hold.

Completing work to a deadline

As a student, you’ll have coursework deadlines continuously, and exams to prepare for with specific time and dates, which you’ll abide by. Employers seek individuals who are able to work to a deadline, as each piece of work needs to be completed on time and to a very high standard – and completing your coursework proves that.

Showing passion

You hopefully chose your degree because you have a passion for the subject, and it interests you greatly. Businesses want passionate people, people who will seek after something that interests them and they believe is worth it. Passion is a good characteristic to have, and if you can show that, they’ll love you!

Showcasing your expertise

Some degrees really give you the chance to show off your expertise and the knowledge you have gained in a certain area – and for some employers, it is just what they’re looking for. Some career paths require this niche amount of knowledge in their work.


Above all employers want dedicated individuals, people who are conscientious about their work and want to work for them. Your career will benefit if you have the desired dedicated attitude and trait running through your veins.

University is a great way to a help students associate university with their future career path, and even though more people are going to university, employers still value what a degree can mean, and what it says about you. Sometimes it’s a good thing when you’re choosing a degree for employability.

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