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Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas for Students

Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas for Students

Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas for Students

So the fancy dress party is getting nearer and procrastinating on sorting your costume just doesn’t seem to be working. The challenge is always looking good without having to splash out on something you might only wear once or twice.

Thankfully, with a little bit of imagination and preparation you won’t have to spend much to look good. In fact, the fancy dress folks over at Party Domain have prepared a list of their top fancy dress suggestions for cash strapped students.

Go Wild (West)

There is something about the Wild West that never grows old. No matter how many years have passed since the cowboys and Indians rode hard and fast, stories of the Wild West still keeps coming up. With the recent box office success of films like Django Unchained, Western themes are more popular than ever and offer lots of potential to reuse clothes that you might already have, adding only accessories.

Any chequered shirt, a pair of faded jeans with a worn out waistcoat, necktie and cowboy hat (under £4 on the site) will fit the bill. For that Django look just add a gun belt, leather gloves and a bit of bling.

Wartime Officer

The officer look is great for both guys and girls who want to look a bit smarter and more sophisticated.

For guys, a dark (preferably green) jacket and trousers can be paired with a shirt & tie, beret and some homemade medals. For the ladies, a green pencil skirt can be paired with a green jacket and beret for the same look.

For the truly authentic look shoes should be well shined, but there won’t be any cleaning drills for those whose shoes don’t meet regulations by the end of the night.

Want to go rob a bank?

The beauty of the bank robber costume is that you probably have all of the constituent parts already. A striped top and dark trousers combined with a cheap or homemade eye mask should do the trick, and a bag marked ‘swag’ will convince anyone still unsure!

One with Nature

Guaranteed to turn heads, turning up as a tree with a bird’s nest on your head is one for those who are a bit more quirky! For this look, combine some brown trousers or a skirt with a green top. For the nest itself, you can either buy a pre-made nest or take a straw hat, fraying the edges and folding them upwards. Add a couple of fake eggs and a stuffed bird or two, and you’re ready to go!

Go Hawaiian

‘Going Hawaiian’ is always a quick and cheap option as there aren’t many clothes involved! For girls, a grass-look skirt can be paired with a bikini top and ‘lei’ headbands and necklace, which can be made at home, or the whole lot picked up for around £5 online.

For guys with the body to pull it off (or, failing that, some good old liquid confidence!), boardshorts with a lei necklace are all you need. For extra tropical flavour, grab a coconut from the supermarket and add a straw hat.

As you can see, it just takes a little imagination and a small amount of effort to come up with a fancy dress costume that you can be proud of. Just remember, you’re not the only one feeling stupid!

Adam Gray works at PartyDomain.co.uk, helping thousands of students look good in cheap fancy dress costumes since 1999

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