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How to choose student broadband

How to choose student broadband

How to choose student broadband

Are you having to move into accommodation when you start your degree? Did you not get a place in Halls? If so, you won’t need to worry about what to expect from living in halls. There will be lots of different bills, and you will need to get used to understanding student bills you will have to pay and services to set up and the most important – internet!

Do I have to have internet?

Technically, you don’t have to have internet. If your current living location is within walking distance to university, the library or services where there is internet then you don’t need it. But you need to evaluate how much you are going to use and when. If you are a browser, emailer, electronic pen pal, or can never remember that recipe then you might need it, and having to traipse to university or a local internet cafe to do your coursework it can be tedious, and sometimes unavailable!

If I choose not to have it?

You don’t have to – it depends if you are living alone or with housemates, as the majority of your housemates will most likely want the internet, so when you split the bill it will only be a small amount you have to pay for it. But if you are living alone, and choose to opt out of having internet you need to consider if you will use the internet on your phone, as if you go over your limit it will be extremely expensive. Also, if you choose not to have internet accessible at home, you may miss important university dates, cancelled lectures, room moves or even information about deadlines and coursework.

Okay, I’ll have it, what next?

So, if you, and if living with others, have agreed with internet, there are lots of different packages out there. Look at the different packages available. If you want a television package and a phone line thrown in then look for the best deal for what you are going to use. Most packages state that a phone line has to be bought to get the internet. Check your terms and conditions, even if it states its a couple of pound a month, see how much it is for the year, and if the price goes up after a certain period of time, like 6 months.

Student deals?

There are some providers that offer students just an internet package, without having to rent a phone line or get T.V. Yay! Research what ones provide just an internet service and then choose what ones have the best deal.

Found one?

If you have one in mind, there is the option to pay it all in one go – which may seem expensive – but when you split it between you and your housemates, or pay it when your loans arrive it may save hassle later in the year. Its something you don’t have to budget for or forget paying!

One account

If you decide to pay monthly, or even by direct debit, it is a smart idea to have one bank account for all of the bills. Especially if you share accommodation. Its best to create a bank account instead of using an existing one from your university friends, this way it is separate and everyone can set up a standing order, and pay into the Bill account each month. Make sure you pay it in earlier than the bill to make sure you never miss a payment!

Paying bills and choosing providers can be very difficult and hard, to make it easier, make sure you and your housemates are on the same page about what you want and what you want to pay, and let them know if you miss a payment what the consequences are and be sure that you’re looking into complete guides to student broadband, online!

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