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Choosing a Degree for Employability

Choosing a Degree for Employability

Choosing a Degree for Employability

University and obtaining a degree is the most chosen path for a successful career for young people. Young people and students wish for the opportunities of a well-paid job with great experiences to better them later in life, in fact, many students find themselves asking the question will university help my career? If you are thinking about attending university for the employability factor, more so than the social aspect, picking a degree and having a career path can be hard to determine.

Choosing a degree course and having a career thought out is difficult, and the biggest problem you may have is having a desired career but unsure how to get there. And if you are uncertain what you want to do for a career, a degree can give you inspiration. According to The Telegraph, who conducted a survey and found some of the most successful degrees available for a potential job and career aspects for graduates.

One of the most popular degree subjects is Business Management, especially with the growing economy and opportunities connected to it, with PR, marketing and management; and with promising job prospects after finishing, with nearly 20,000 of last year undergraduates secured a job within six months of graduating, it is hard to dismiss.

Architecture, planning and building are becoming more desirable with skylines and cities being designed, from the green bridge to the Toothpick in the Docklands underway. 85% of graduates in these degree subjects found a job or further study within months of finishing their undergraduate degree, which gives you the opportunity to build a different world when building a structure.

One of the most successful subjects to study is mathematical sciences, with 86.5% of graduates finding a job after leaving university, and languages are also as promising, with the job market being more competitive, having another language under your belt is beneficial to your CV.

Education is still proving to be necessary, hence why you are thinking about attending university. Education degrees were the second highest to go straight into work after graduation finished, and has the possibilities of teaching overseas and always having a skill that can be applied anywhere.

It seems that the best degree to take with the highest employability, is medicine and dentistry, as an impressive 99.4% of graduates found a job within six months, and an amazing 92% went straight into work. Health-related degrees are always sought after, as they aren’t too affected by economy and saturation, like other areas, such as business or the arts.

Other popular degrees are: Law degree, Veterinary Sciences degree, Engineering degree, Biological Sciences degree and degrees connected to Medicine – details and information can be found on the student subject degree guides. If you are interested in how things work and how to make them better, than a degree in these subjects may be perfect for you. Remember, most of the sciences and mathematics degrees are extremely hard, like other degrees, so they shouldn’t be picked lightly. Degrees in these areas also have deadlines of October, or much early than the January deadline of general UCAS applications, so if science is on your mind you best start researching sooner rather than later.

However, students of physics and computer science had a tougher time in the job market once they received their degree.

The most important thing to consider when deciding on which course to take at which university, is that you control your degree and your graduate career. Choosing to study a degree for employability over passion and skill is not a smart decision to make, and can lead to you underperforming, finding the course hard, and resenting your time studying. Picking a degree that is perfect for you and is something related to what you are interested in will always prove to be right in the end.

Statistics from The Telegraph

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