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Do city universities offer more for students

Do city universities offer more for students

Do city universities offer more for students

Whilst in the confusing maze that is the UCAS process, applying to university and choosing where to study for university, there are questions you need to explore to ensure you make the right decision for you. If you are debating if city universities offer more for students then read some of the points below. There are also plenty of pros and cons of a city university, that you can read up about too.


It isn’t written in stone that people who do not live or work in the city are not as talented, or have the chance to get the right job. It is simply due to the vast amount of people who are situated in cities and the opportunities available for graduates. The competition in cities and well-populated areas can seem more severe and even off-putting but an advantage is how this will affect your dive and growth in your ability. The downside will zoom in on the fact that your chance to secure a job might be much harder.


Due to the sheer volume or companies, corporations and businesses that are based in cities you’ll have more job vacancies and postings to apply to. It won’t guarantee a job – or a happier life – but the opportunities are there nonetheless.


The city culture is undeniably like any other, each city has it’s own heartbeat and culture and can’t be found anywhere else. Your city university might enrich your cultural experiences like nothing else you could have imagined.


Speaking of culture, concerts, gigs, exhibitions, events and everything, in general, is multiplied. Therefore your chance to do something entirely new or ‘out-there’ is definitely available at a city university! Passionate about something? How about a peaceful protest? Wanting more options for a creative project? Try filming around the city! There is so much you can do.


It might seem that city universities will have a higher reputation than others, but other universities are surrounded by congested traffic 24 hours a day! The great thing is the reputation of the university isn’t just based on the location!

Does size matter?

Are you wondering if city universities are bigger? It can be hard to judge, as an example, UCL (University College of London) is situated in Bloomsbury and looks tiny as owns buildings around the area which look like normal office buildings. Whereas universities that are further away from the busy city look bigger and better as their campus is all in one place. Brunel university feels like a small town with the amount of hall residence buildings and classrooms.

The best way to know if you like the feel of a university is to visit an open day and see for yourself. You may love how your university is a slap, bang in the middle of a city or prefer it to be slightly further away – or how about in the middle of nowhere! You want to ensure you feel comfortable where you’re going to spend the next three to four years studying. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a city university offers more for students, but it could provide more opportunities and cultural experiences to help you later in life. Think about what the university can offer you instead of all students as a whole.

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