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What to do during Clearing 2014?

What to do during Clearing 2014?

What to do during Clearing 2014?

Clearing 2014 is a tough process to go through for any student, even if you were expecting lower grades than predicted, or shocked from the results you did receive. We have an essential guide that will help you through each step and let you know what to do during Clearing.

There is a cheeky way of knowing whether you have a Confirmed place at your choices by logging onto UCAS Track that morning, before you head down to get your results. Universities would have already made an offer, or informed you that you haven’t secured a place on the course on Track, so check that out before you get your results.

Now, if you have looked on UCAS Track and haven’t secured any places – don’t get your hopes up yet – still collect your results as planned, as you may find that you missed out on that grade by a few marks (it does happen!), and you’ll want to know your results for the Clearing process as well as peace of mind.

Once you have received and opened your results – it is still best to open it when you are ready, but don’t leave it too long, or wait until you are with your family, or choosing to open them when a family or friend arrives back from holiday, as if you do need to go through Clearing, you’ll want the best course available for you and they can fill up fast! – have your phone charged and with you so you can let your family and friends know your results and then go check out some courses!

Course vacancies will appear on the individual university website, in newspapers like The Telegraph, University Compare, and on the university’s social media. The best option is to contact them direct, so you can talk to someone who will have the most up to date course information and be able to make an offer or provide you with information.

Once you have found a course, been offered a place, and accepted it through UCAS Track, log into your Student Finance account online and change the details, so they can get your information and quotes correct to make sure you get your student loans at the right time, and pay your tuition fees if you are not paying them yourself.

Your friends and family are there to support you through this process and use them if you need to! Talk through your options with them and any thoughts and feelings you may have throughout this whole experience. University isn’t for everyone, but you need to get it right if you decide to go.

There are other options, like taking a gap year, deferring your place, or deferring your application altogether. This extra year might help you decide what you want to do career-wise in your future.

Remember, Clearing isn’t the best experience for any student wishing to study in Higher Education, but that doesn’t mean you are the only one going through it. It may be confusing, difficult or frustrating but you will find a course and get to go to University. Don’t forget to stay calm, go through the process correctly by using UCAS Track, and to complete it before September 30th, which is when Clearing ends.

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