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What is Clearing 2018?

What is Clearing 2018?

What is Clearing 2018?

Now that results day is creeping closer, you may be hearing lots about Clearing and Adjustment. Clearing 2018 is when you didn’t get the grades you were expected or predicted and may not have the right amount of UCAS tariff points or the right grades to get onto your course, and we’ve got a great UCAS Points Calculator to help you out there too. Clearing is also for students who haven’t applied for university yet, but have decided they want to attend now! Don’t panic! Clearing is where you can get onto another course, which could be at your university or a completely different one. It starts on 14th August (Results day) and closes on 30th September.

During Clearing you will have to research universities that will accept you with your grades. Clearing is a chance to try other universities in other areas across the country, and even another subject you were interested in but didn’t apply to before!

You will have to call the university themselves, (the majority of them will have a dedicated Clearing Team that will have potential places available and can offer you a place), to see if you can attend there.

With Clearing you can have more than one offer, so don’t feel pressured to pick the first one! During this time, you will need:

  • Your UCAS ID number
  • UCAS codes of the Course you are interested in.
  • Contact telephone number
  • Your email address

When you have received offers, take some time to think about it, you shouldn’t rush this bit just because you are worried you won’t get a place at university! Use a day or two to think the decisions over. Check the deadline of each offer as they can vary.  UCA is 24 hours of receiving your verbal offer – other universities may be different to check before you get off the phone!

There are lots of people and lots of information available to help you come to a decision about your course, university and future.

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