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Clearing advice 2017

Clearing advice 2017

Clearing advice 2017

Results day is a scary enough adventure without the chance of students not receiving the grades that they were expecting. Here is all the Clearing advice 2017 that you’ll need just in case you didn’t get the grades you need to get into your first choice.

Don’t Panic

Firstly, the most important piece of advice we can pass down to you is to not panic! Results day is a stressful day and if all, some or even one of your grades have come back with an unexpected result it isn’t actually the end of the world – even if it feels like it. Remember to stay calm throughout the day, whether you are at your school or college, at home or on UCAS Track; staying calm will get you through the next few weeks.

Understanding your options

It is a really great idea to read up on all the different options available to you once you’ve received your results. There are so many alternative options to the path that you had previously laid out for yourself, you can enter Clearing and apply for a different university and/or course, take a year out to re-sit courses or exams, travel on a gap year or gain work experience and get a job. The moment you open those results is definitely not the end of the road.

Talk to someone

If you’re feeling particularly worried or need moral support during this time then find someone who you know, trust and tell them about your problems. It can be an old teacher, staff member at your school or college, family or friends. It’s best to let it all out

Ask questions

If you don’t fully understand UCAS track or what you have to do now that you’re in Clearing, or after your results then you can contact the right people to know your next steps. UCAS have a really detailed help section, or you can contact the university you’re applying to also.

Start early

It can be really daunting if you have to go through Clearing and it can feel as if you’re starting all over again with finding that university and/or course, and you did spend months the first time! However, if you did do your research the first time around then check out those universities that nearly made your top choices but for some reason didn’t. And if you are starting out again, it’s okay to feel a bit scared but you need to start looking for those spaces! Because they might not last! Clearing can feel really fast paced but once you get stuck in contacting universities and checking clearing vacancies you won’t regret it once you have your spot on your course!


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