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How to contact universities during Clearing 2014

How to contact universities during Clearing 2014

How to contact universities during Clearing 2014

Clearing will open on August 14th, which is Results day, and you need to be prepared. After opening your results and finding out you didn’t get the grades you wanted, you may feel frustrated, upset or many emotions, and this is natural. This is our guide on how to contact universities during Clearing.

Before you start 

Before you start calling every university in Britain, you need to be prepared and have everything at hand and ready before you do so. Remember, universities are going to be open from the early morning and probably until late at night, and be under a lot of pressure to talk to every student and give them the best information, and maybe offer them a place.

What you’ll need

You should have your personal statement, your exam results, a pen and paper, a list of questions you may want to ask, like accommodation, bursaries, open day calendar, and your Clearing number, which you can find on UCAS Track.

Phone yourself

Universities will not speak to a friend or family member, unless you have a disability or an issue and that is known and discussed on your UCAS application, or explained to the university. IF you are too scared to call up, you will have to get over your fear and anxiety or otherwise you won’t get a place.

Be persistent

So the phone lines will be busy, and you can’t give up after being on hold for 30 seconds – keep going! Think of the thousands of students doing the same thing as you, and if they don’t give up then they might get your place!

Early bird

So, start your day early and start phoning as soon as you can, before the majority of the courses have gone. Students are calling and offers are being made throughout the day, every day and not every course will have a space left for you.

Write down details

Use that pen and paper we suggested! If you speak to someone, ask for their name and department and maybe even their telephone number and extension, so if you need to call them back you can, or if you have any questions later you can let an advisor know who you spoke to earlier.

Send an email

If you can’t get through, and are worried about how busy the university is, send an email with your details, what course or information you are looking for, and contact information so they can contact you back. Remember to check your emails, just incase you miss something important!

Be Polite

This is one the most important things to remember! Be polite, nice, charming and even witty if you feel like it – just ensure that you are being respectable and understanding of the people on the other end of the line and be considerate. You won’t get your information quicker or secure a place if you are rude or unprepared!

Calling universities can be as scary as when you first started filling out the application, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It is just another stepping stone of attending Higher Education and doing new things which you will overcome. Now, stop reading, and get calling!

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