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How to deal with difficult people at university

How to deal with difficult people at university

How to deal with difficult people at university

Unfortunately, there are difficult people in the world and they come in all shapes and sizes and pretty much everywhere and anywhere, and that also means, sadly, at university! Read our tips on how to deal with difficult people at university, so you stay sane during your degree!

These difficult people can be anywhere, from your classmates, housemates, lecturers or even just other students in general and they can cause a lot of issues. Most of the time it can be a big personality clash – you can’t be friends with everyone! If you have found someone that you find particularly difficult to talk to, reason with, live with or study with then you need to address the issue or learn how to cope alongside it.

If it is a housemate, talk to your other neighbours to see if they are having the same issues you are. However, it could turn out that it is just you who is having a problem, then you need to dig down and try to establish why it exists. But if it is revealed that other people are feeling the same as you then you can work out together the solution which suits everyone.

You can try to diffuse situations by asking this difficult person questions, or maybe have a sit down together and work out why you can’t seem to ‘gel’. Sometimes it might be that there was an incident – where something was said or done – that you didn’t recollect happening! Always do the right thing, and if this person doesn’t want to compromise or become allies then don’t go out of your way to ensure they’re ‘happy’.

Never compromise yourself or your happiness just because you can’t communicate with this person. Your studies are the most important and never let them jeopardise that! If it is a housemate that is causing issues you can speak to your personal tutor or accommodation office at the university and see if you can be moved. If there is a student in class who is disrupting your learning you can discuss this with your teacher, or again, with your personal tutor. In a few cases the problem can be with a general student – maybe someone who is friends with somebody that you know – you can try to avoid them and by thinking and acting that they don’t exist you’ll have less of a chance to walk into confrontation.

Whether it is a friend, classmate, housemate or student – or even a teacher! – You should talk to someone about it, especially if you’re just starting university. You could always talk to another friend, your personal tutor or book an appointment at your university’s or local area’s counselling service to get everything off of your chest, there are plenty of types of friends at university, that you’ll find, too. The worst thing about having to deal with difficult people is that your best traits might be affected by these issues or it could affect your well-being as well as studying – which nobody wants.

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