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Are there degrees that lead to highly paid jobs?

Are there degrees that lead to highly paid jobs?

Are there degrees that lead to highly paid jobs?

The majority of students throughout schooling and college may have been told that unless they attend university and obtain a degree won’t be successful in life. This includes a decent job, a nice house and being able to live your life comfortably. However, with the vast amount of courses available are there degrees that lead to highly paid jobs? And if there are ‘guaranteed’ money-making degrees then should we all be choosing them instead?

Last year, there was a lot of news coverage about the ‘potential’ of arts degree courses and they were called ‘Mickey Mouse Degrees’. This is a biased view on the spectrum of degree courses. Of course, there is just as much potential for students to find work in the arts, and study a related degree as there is in the sciences. Firstly, if we look at the arts industry, which includes film, music, television, art – fine art and exhibition, sculpting and drawing – writing, such as books, journalism and poetry, English literature, we can see the vast amount of sectors involved and labelled as ‘arts’. If most students moved away from these areas of study because they ‘lack potential’ then our entertainment and culture industry would diminish.

There wouldn’t be any producers, directors and screenwriters for the programmes we watch on television every night, and the films we visit the cinema to watch. Think, no more films and TV. There wouldn’t be as many authors, journalists and poets, writing all of the wonderful work we read before bed each night and to tell us about current events in the world. Think of no more news, and no more books and poetry being published. There wouldn’t be any support for artists, who paint beautiful paintings, create wonderful pieces and create amazing sculptures. Think of the idea that there won’t be another Mona Lisa or Michael Angelo’s David.

Although these examples may seem extreme, but if the powerful members of education are trying to sway students away from the arts then these wonderful minds won’t be fulfilled, inspired and mentored to create all of these amazing things that make up our culture. There would be fewer writers, artists and film buffs because nobody would be able to study in an area they’re passionate about and to then continue on in this industry to create these things.

Additionally, there are jobs out there. Even though the government has cut the spending for the arts in their attempt to get out of the recession successfully, there are jobs out there. Because we need these wonderfully creative people to have these jobs and to carry on what they’ve been doing. Don’t let that worry you!

It may seem that the business, entrepreneur, and management jobs are the ‘easiest’ to do because you feel that you’ll get a good job straight after you graduate, although many students start to take courses that are more likely to get them a job. However, the competition for graduate jobs is in all areas, and that means the arts and sciences too. Just because you study a finance degree doesn’t mean you’ll be offered a job quicker than your fellow English literature student!

The most important thing is that you’re studying something you’re passionate about, and won’t get bored of studying after three years, and want to work in that career sector for a long length of time. You don’t have to stay in the same job, career or line of work for the rest of your life. But you should be serious about what your want to do and where you want to do it. Don’t choose a degree or a path because of the paycheck.

Therefore, if you are passionate about writing, art, literature, film, TV. and magazines – don’t stop! If you want to study a degree in these areas – do it! There will be jobs out there waiting for you, and there will be fellow students to be passionate with, and there will be dedicated teachers to inspire you too.

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