Embarrassing nights out that you want to forget

We have some of the worst photos of the embarrassing nights out that you want to forget, and probably want to pray very, very hard that they never happen to you ever.

1. Oops!

2. Great photo!

3. Erm, intrusive?

4. Well this needs an explanation

5. That will hurt tomorrow

6. Excuse me, Sir?

7. Awkward

8. Even more awkward

9. no words...

10. Great moment to have on film

11. Nice moves

12. Classic toilet shot...

13. The third wheel in action

14. Right...

15. Such a lovely photo

16. Erm?

17. Worst photo ever!

18. Try explaining that?

19. Your friend disagrees there...

20. Does he even know it is happening?

21. End of the night for this gal

Do you have any embarrassing nights out you want to forget?