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The essentials needed for university

The essentials needed for university

The essentials needed for university

With the summer approaching and your attempt to make the remaining months last, the day of you moving to university is on its way. Packing for this can be hard, but we have the list of essentials needed for university so the important stuff is taken care of.


You will need stationary, and we don’t mean every piece of stationary from WHSmiths, but the bare minimum, which would be a notebook, two pens, and a highlighter. Obviously, it is dependable on the person, don’t go overboard, or underestimate what you’ll need. Think about what you will realistically carry around with you and what you want at hand if you ever need it. Your dorm room won’t be as spacious as The Ritz, so bare this in mind!

Alarm clock

You never know what might happen to your mobile phone, and if something does happen then you will need help waking up for your lectures. An old fashioned alarm clock will serve you well, but just remember when you put it on as you might find yourself losing your lay-ins on the weekend!

Back up charger

Your mobile, laptop, or iPod might be your baby, so if something happens to the lead, making it inaccessible this could feel like the end of the world! Electronic stores sell leads, chargers and plugs, usually at a small price, so this is something smart to invest in


Even if you have insurance covered in your university Halls, it is smart to read the small print to double-check what this is included. You don’t want to turn up to university, and a month later, have your phone stolen from your dorm and not be able to do anything about it. There are great online websites or insurance available through your bank or household insurance that means you can get some student insurance to help you out. Remember to check the small print, and in some cases, it only costs a fraction of the price to insure multiple devices.


Protective casing for iPods, iPads, mobile phones, laptops, or even books will be a small investment to the job that they do. Something simple as spilling a drink over, or dropping something accidentally can ruin your chances of submitting that coursework or losing out on your ‘free mobile phone’ part of your contract, which you don’t want to do!


This may seem silly or overstepping the mark, but you won’t know your housemates when you move in, meaning they could be Pop Tart Junkies and you’ll find your supply raided before the week is out. A padlock can also go to a drawer or cabinet where you want to keep some belongings safe. For a tiny amount of money, they can give you a piece of mind!

Obviously, this isn’t the only list of things needed for university, but we feel that this handful will make a lot of parts of university life easier, and save you from grief!

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