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What to expect from the first year at university

What to expect from the first year at university

What to expect from the first year at university

There is no guarantee what university will be like for every student but there are some things to expect from the first year at university, which we all go through in a type of ‘coming of student’ ritual ceremony. Have a read at what to expect now that you’re an undergraduate, take a look at our advice below, or also check out our page on fresher’s advice for first-year students.

Master of drinking games

This title won’t be won in the first few weeks of term or during Freshers’. To become the master of drinking games is a long and tiring process, by having to sit through hours and nights of playing different drinking games and being able to handle your drink! When you do become the master of drinking games, you’ll be able to know which games to play for each contrasting set of friends, and this can help – especially if you have a bet that you can drink a specific person under the table!

To forget at least one bill

No matter how often you write in your diary or ensure that you’re going to transform into this wonderfully organised human being – you’re going to miss a payment of some kind! Whether it is your phone bill, a direct debit, or just not adding up your outgoings; at some point, your card will be declined. Before you panic it’s fine! Everybody goes through this at some time, and even if you haven’t been able to put any money aside for desperate situations like this one, there are always friends, family, and the university to help you if it is really bad!

To miss a lecture for no legitimate reason

We all have the mindset that ‘I’m paying at least £200 for this seminar so I am going to go to it!’, but when reality reaches us it never always works out this way. There will come a time (probably at 9 am) when you have been out drinking the night before or had a late one due to watching bad television or too many naps, and you just won’t want to go in. It’s okay. Just don’t brag about it in front of your lecturer as this is poor taste!

To rely solely on naps

Some days a 12-hour sleep is not enough, and most days will need a nap to guarantee you survive the next lecture. The best thing about being a student is that your education is pretty much your job so you have more free time than any other adults. If you want to nap in between each and every lecture that is your prerogative.

To spend your entire student loan in two days

Oh student loan day, it is the happiest day for every single student across the country. If we fast forward to the Monday after (or even the Friday, as most Thursdays are student nights!) your bank account will be feeling sore. Again, this is natural, and even your amazing budget calculator won’t be able to solve the issue of you buying all of your new housemates 3 Jagerbombs each! You always learn a little bit more with each student loan instalment – but you might never fully learn your lesson! Get ready for beans on toast…

To complete your coursework minutes before it is due

You will be handed your coursework deadlines weeks before they are due – in some instances months in advance! – but you will be sitting up at 11 pm, trying to finish and submit your coursework online before the deadline at midnight! Missing deadlines do matter at university as you can get a penalty or a lower mark for submitting it late, even if it is a minute!

You will have so many different expectations of university, and most of them will come true and others won’t. But, whatever does happen as long as you are enjoying your time there and getting enough studying done, expectations are meant to be broken!

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