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Financial responsibilites students may forget

Financial responsibilites students may forget

Financial responsibilites students may forget

Attending higher education or making that really big decision to go to university is just the first opportunity to prove yourself an adult as an undergraduate student. With this new opportunity responsibilities, you thought never existed are going to arise and we have a list of financial responsibilities students need to remember – although there is lots of extra stuff you can get as a student, you still need to be cautious of your spending habbits.

TV Licence

Even though you are a student, you still need to pay the TV Licence, which most forgets! Don’t try to lie to the TV Licence company by saying you don’t have one and then talk to an advisor on the phone about the latest Xbox game. It is merely pounds per week, and you can set up a direct debit to make sure you don’t forget.

Spending the right money on the right food

Food shopping, it isn’t hard at all? You may receive your loan and get so excited that you spend hundreds at the supermarket. Yes, it was Asda, so you saved money but will you, just you eat all of that? It is clever to stock up on deals and products you can freeze, but make sure you will be able to preserve them. If you buy too much that goes off too quickly then it will only be money down the drain.


Ensuring your possessions is so important, and that is because you never know what is going to happen and you need to prepared for the worst. You may break or lose your phone when you are out with your friends, you can accidently drop your laptop and need to replace it for exam season. Insurance is usually very cheap, especially if you get a multi-device deal at places like protectyourbubble.com. The money you pay out for the insurance will be worth it if you have to end up forking out hundreds for new electronics.


Some students may forget that they have to do their own washing now that they have moved away. Not all halls have washing machines, which means you will have to drag all your washing down to the Student Launderette (Or even further if your university doesn’t have one) to get it all done. Invest in Laundry bags and keep your 50ps safe for when you need to do a whitewash.


If you borrow money from your housemates or friends whilst at university, it is your job to make sure you act smart and pay it back. Owing money is not a nice thing, especially if you have overdraft fees and debts. Make smart decisions and ask for support at your university’s Student Finance to keep you on track. It is a good idea to ask friends and family to borrow before even inquiring about loans, loan sharks and payday loans, they are an extremely bad idea. Remember, that your friends are most likely in the same position as you are and you may find that just changing your lifestyle, fewer nights out and takeaways will make that much more of a difference.

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