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What is the first term at university like?

What is the first term at university like?

What is the first term at university like?

With the excitement of Freshers approaching it can be hard to look beyond your first week of university, however, we can give you a general idea of ‘What is the first term at university like’?

Getting involved

Your first term is your chance to get completely and utterly involved with everything that university can offer you, like joining societies, attending events and doing every activity that you can. Your first year will be the year where you have the most time to do anything that you want, and our advice is to everything that you want and can do, whatever you feel most comfortable. The second and third years are busier and you will get the chance to really get deep in your studies, so use your time now to try everything and anything!

Greetings everyone

Your first term will be your busiest of them all throughout your degree, and with Freshers events coming out of your ears you’ll meet so many people from all walks of life. The university will help by organising evenings and activities during the day to help you meet everyone and feel less isolated during your studies. There will be new housemates and fellow students to start conversations with, and you’ll find that your closest friends may be utterly different from your friends from home.

Free Freshers

One of the greatest things about Freshers is all of the Freebies! You’ll be sorted for stationary for the next year, and can even get some weird and wonderful free stuff, like piggy banks, discount cards and stuff to decorate your room with. We advise to get everything you can!

Settling in

Feeling homesick and lonely will soon pass after a few weeks and once Freshers has finally become a thing of the past. Once you begin your routine of going to your lectures, living by yourself and actually being in full control of your life it will all begin to feel normal. However, you may still be making weekly Skype calls to your mum or ringing your nan to ask how to put a load of washing on – but it will get better.

Sporty Spice

Undergraduates seem to forget about Sports at university  which is a shame. Sports teams are a chance to socialise with a new crowd of people as well as honing a skill or talent that you have. You could even discover something that you didn’t know you loved like cross country running or rugby. Being active in sports will look very good on your university CV and you might have the chance to travel around the world on tournaments and championships!

Getting into your course

Your induction lectures could put you off for an entire year, however, stick with them because they will become more interesting – or harder, we can’t decide! You’ll dive deeper into theories and research that will spark interest to your academic mind as well as have an opportunity to study something that you really love.

You’re so Fancy

Be prepared for Fancy dress parties – lots of them. Freshers is literally full of Fancy dress, so make sure you have some ideas written down and prepared alternatives for when you receive the invite. You want to stand out from the crowd and get creative. We can almost guarantee you’ll go to a Where’s Wally party so get that striped t-shirt now.

Understanding the unspoken rules

Getting lost around campus will become a distant memory as you start to learn shortcuts to class, and what shot to by at the Student Bar. Everything becomes easier with time at university as you start to learn all of the unwritten rules, from the library to when the university shop gets its delivery of the most popular sandwich.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Budgeting will be the hardest thing to master, and even though you created that budget planner and swore to your mum that you’re going to stick to it, it might not happen, sorry! Check your online bank regularly and give yourself an allowance each day so it you do go over you have an idea on how much you have gone over by. If you do have a crazy spending spree then be strict on yourself or you’ll have to wait another three months before you are in the black again!

What are you looking forward to during your first term at university? Let us know by commenting below!

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