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What not to do in your First Year at university

What not to do in your First Year at university

What not to do in your First Year at university

So, you have applied and been accepted into university! Yay! Now the celebrations are starting to die down and you are finally getting the lectures from your mother out of your head, you can start to have a good time! Watch out for mistakes that many students have made before you, that won’t harm your reputation if you don’t do it this year!

Steal roommate stuff

So you have a roommate and maybe more than one in Halls? Don’t steal their stuff – they’ll notice. University dorms are so much more smaller than normal housing so they know what stuff they have and what they don’t anymore! So put the pot noodle down!

Spend all your money

We know it is really hard not to, especially with 4 Jager Bombs for £5?! Who would say no? You should! You need this money for the rest of the term, so keep your receipts!

Get with someone who is taken

University means drinking and mingling and maybe some relationships starting up. Try to do a background check before you dive head first, you don’t want to get into anything dramatic!

Get with too many people

Freshers’ week was fun! But make sure you didn’t have too much fun, as everybody talks at university and you don’t want to be the topic of conversation for the whole semester!

Complain about freshers flu

Every first year will have the Freshers Flu, so do yourself a favour and don’t complain about it! Everyone will know its because you had too much of a good time and not offer you any sympathy! And don’t have a sick day on your first week of lectures – they teachers will know too!


You are trying to mingle with all your new classmates, use this time to learn about them and not to brag about the money your parents are giving you! It will only fuel hatred – trust us!

Not talk to anyone

University can be lonely in the first year and you may feel homesick. Don’t hide yourself away because you want to ‘be alone’. Make some friends, they’ll get you through the year, not your Disney movie collection.

Be two-faced

Everybody knows everything about each other at university,and you will be surprised at how quickly news can travel. Don’t be two-faced and backstab your new friends in the back!

Complain about an afternoon lecture

Okay this is the biggest NO-NO! Your housemates got in at 4am and now have to go to a 9am lecture? Don’t complain the fact that you have to roll out of bed at 2pm! You will only come home to find your room is covered in tin foil…

University is full of rules and regulations, but the ones we listed here are safe bets to get you through your first year with no debt and a handful of friends! Anyway, you will need these things to be able to finish your degree!

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