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First years: What you’ll love about Halls

First years: What you’ll love about Halls

First years: What you’ll love about Halls

University is much more than just learning something new, it is an entire lifestyle change and a big chapter in every student’s life. Moving out and away to university is a big step, and even though it may seem scary at first, here is what you’ll love about Halls and your first year at university, although you will need to know what to expect when living in halls. Although plenty of students decide to live at home if they are attending a local university, which can prompt the question “Do students who live at home miss out on uni life?”

Never be alone

With Halls, it’s similar to a large apartment block and you’ll get to know a lot of people around you, as you might be attending the same lectures or see them walking across the courtyard. One of the big advantages is that you’ll never be alone, so if you’re feeling down, insecure or overwhelmed with any aspect of University life, you’ll have someone there to help you out.

You’ll make friends with practically anyone

With a lot of students attending the university or college with you, you’ll make a great few circles of friends. There are students from your classes and lectures that you’ll start to form friendships with, and even others studying something entirely different will hang out at your SU and the local area.

You still have your own space

Even if the part of Halls is full, and the kitchen area is always occupied you’re still going to have your own space and own room just for you. Your door will also have a lock on it, so if you ever need some ‘me’ time or just feel like being on your own then you’ll still be able to get away.

Future housemates

The friends you make at Halls, or the people you get to know during lectures are going to be your future housemates for the next year or two when finishing your degree. Halls is a great learning experience with shopping and paying bills, so when it comes to year 2 and 3 it’ll be much easier to transition into. Obviously moving in with your friends is a great experience and a bonus if they’re studying the same thing as you.

Everything is within walking distance

Some universities have better facilities than others, but even the most needed day-to-day necessities are in your local town. Your SU, corner shop, supermarket, petrol station, launderette and cash machine are going to be close to you. It’s just like heaven!


The majority of universities have cleaners to service the living/kitchen/shared areas of Halls and this is going to help you out a lot. Obviously, you’ll be responsible for your own mess and your own space, but the best thing about the shares area is that you won’t have to tidy up after anybody else’s!

All bills included

Yes! All of your bills are included in your accommodation, but that doesn’t include your mobile phone bill of any other personal direct debits that you might have. But it does mean that you won’t have to worry about electric, gas, or water bills creeping up on you. With everything including in one price, you’ll have a stronger peace of mind.

Halls is a big learning experience which most full-time students go through, and even though you might feel that you’re not quite ready for this chance, the university will offer support and your fellow students will be going through the exact same thing! Now, start packing and get excited about all that is to come from living in Halls!

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