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Five Things You Won’t Like When You Graduate

Five Things You Won’t Like When You Graduate

Five Things You Won’t Like When You Graduate

Graduation, for most, marks the end of full-time education and the beginning of an adventure out into the ‘real world’ and having advice on graduate jobs will help out majorly, but with such a big step there must be at least a few inconveniences  And these may have you wishing you were back in your first year partying five nights a week without a care in the world.

Number One:

One of the five worst fears almost all of us will face when finishing our degree is the realisation that we can no longer afford to live independently and moving back in with parents is inevitable. Now at first, this doesn’t seem like such a bad deal, free washing, free cooking, free cleaning and no bills to pay… the ideal situation. However, these positives are likely to be overshadowed by much worse troubles, such as nagging parents and their constant need for conversations concerning your future life choices, how often you should be partying and why you feel the need to get out of bed three hours after everybody else has begun their day.

Number Two:

Number two of five, there is also the realisation that midweek partying will become a thing of the past as you begin to ‘grow up’ and take on responsibilities such as a job, leaving you with little opportunity to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Instead, you will most likely be tucked up in bed by 11 pm with a hot chocolate and an alarm set for some ridiculous hour the following morning. Receiving the best careers advice will help in all aspects in looking for the right job for you!

Number Three:

In number three of five, there is finding a job has to be the scariest of all responsibilities which will loom over you once your days of university life have ended (especially if you’ve had to look for a job during GCSEs) and there is good reason for this. Early mornings, late evenings, working overtime and having very little social life are just some of the disadvantages you will have to face when you enter the 9 to 5 slog that is a working day. But, hopefully, going into the industry of your choice will make this burden a little easier to deal with and eventually you may even begin to enjoy your time in the office (well, maybe).

Number Four:

Having a CV and having a CV which is of use to you are two completely different things. The one you handed in to get some bar work whilst you were at university, is unlikely to be of any use to you when applying for full-time work in your chosen field. Your CV must be a reflection of your own personal abilities, and no, this does not mean you can add to your achievements section your capacity to consume half a litre of vodka on a night out and be up for lectures at 9 am the following morning. A LinkedIn profile is also an important option to consider, offering employers the chance to take a look at your character through the realms of the internet. But if you are to market yourself using the website, you need to keep your profile up-to-date and maintain professionalism throughout, which is easier said than done.

Number Five:

Finally, number five, last on our list is the graduation ceremony each of us will attend to mark the end of our university years. The event, which seems to take an eternity, represents the end of an era and is a chance to say your final goodbye’s to everybody you’ve met at university. Obviously, that last statement is not true, and most of the friends you have met over the course of your degree, you will share a great deal of time within future years. Graduation offers the opportunity to begin a new chapter of your life, with those who have made the previous one the best experience it could be and you may even begin to miss the people you resented throughout your university years (unlikely, but it’s possible).

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