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Freshers: the first week of university

Freshers: the first week of university

Freshers: the first week of university

You have unpacked your childhood, hung up all of the pictures you own of you and your friends, and left your door open the first day you moved into halls, so, what’s next? Your first week of university, and especially Freshers’ is going to be a fantastic experience, and here is a lowdown of what it is going to be like!

Fresher events

Your university, student union, societies and anything groups apart or connected to your university will be hosting events to welcome all new students. These events could be nightclubs, parties, famous celebrities or anything to release the stress of moving to a new place – and they’re worth it! Make sure you check out what is going on your first week by looking at the university website, or checking community boards around the university.

Induction lessons

You may have induction lessons, where your entire course or even School (like the School of Science, where all subjects within this area are based under) may be in attendance. Usually, the department leader will give a short talk about what it is like to study at that university, and in particular within that school and/or course. You’ll also have the chance to mingle with your new fellow students and start to form friendships.

Visit the library

You should take time to visit the library, attend a learning session or a tour so that you know where everything is and where to go to if you need help. Because if it comes to your first assignment and you’re struggling to submit your coursework in on time, you might not have the time to actually do this then!

Tour of the campus

You need to get your bearings, and understand what exactly is on the campus and how big the university is. If your university has Halls of residence then it may seem huge to the Fresher but with practice and time spent getting lost, you’ll know the pathways like the back of your hand!

Scout the local area

Where is your closest cash machine, takeaway, taxi firm and supermarket? All of these are important to remember and to know how to get around your new home and town! This is where you will be initially be living for three to four years! Try to get one of your new neighbours or classmates to explore the local area with you!

Familiarise yourself with the grounds

It is good to know where the Launderette, university shop, nurse’s office and counselling department is, because you never know when you’re going to need them. It is a great idea to know all the facilities that your university actually have, you might be surprised to learn it has a restaurant and hair salon hiding somewhere!

Get all the free stuff

During Freshers week you will hoard so much free stuff that you wish you hadn’t packed so much when you left home! The majority of freebies include stationary and maybe condoms, which are always great to have more of than you might actually need! Grab everything you can! Freshers only happens once a year!

Freshers Fayre

This is the big event or made up of lots of events throughout the entirety of Freshers – a full welcoming week to help each student settle into their new home. Societies, volunteers, sports clubs and leisure groups will be around to show you why you should sign up – because they’re amazing! This is the chance to scout for something that meets your eye, something that develops your interests or to try something absolutely bonkers – like the Harry Potter Society!

The best advice we can give you for your first week at university and for Freshers, is to get involved! Talk to people, meet people, go out to new places, scout the area, and just get involved. If you get everything out of the way during the first week, it will start to feel like home soon enough and will make surviving your first term even easier and you’ll be able to advise people on how to handle the first term at university.

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