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How to Recover from Fresher’s Flu

How to Recover from Fresher’s Flu

How to Recover from Fresher’s Flu

A sudden and horrible virus that can be contracted from too much alcohol, overindulging in takeaways, not enough rest and excessive socialising.

Symptoms: Headaches, vomiting, dehydration, exhaustion, cold and flu-like symptoms and the realisation of money being spent but you can’t figure out where you spent it.

Fresher’s flu is awful, but almost every new student will go through it, at the beginning of the semester during Freshers Week. This is, basically, from too much partying and you forget to look after yourself. We have the cures and treatments for your illness.


Sleep is the best medicine for Freshers Flu! All of that partying, laughing, smoking, dancing, and socialising you did over the week has left you pretty exhausted. Get a good nights rest.

A healthy meal

Do you even remember what was on that pizza last night, or the leftovers you ate this morning? All of this take out food isn’t good for your immune system – get some greens down you!

Take it easy

If you went out the night before and didn’t come back until Jeremy Kyle was on this morning, then don’t do anything over strenuous or demanding today. Don’t expect yourself to consume your whole reading list – it won’t happen!

Damage control

Now that last night is finally over, and no longer coming back up! Its time to check the social networks – are you tagged in anything, will they jolt horrible memories you regret? Its time to maybe remember or forget what happened!

Have a day off

Going out every night for the week or two weeks of Freshers is overdoing it, in mind, body and financially. Don’t feel pressured to go out to prove yourself or meet every single person at your university. Have a day or night to recover!

Freshers Flu isn’t contagious, but the causes, like peer pressure, friends persuading you to come out, and the cheap drinks of the SU, are. Don’t tempt yourself too much or you might not make it to your first lecture!

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