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Fresher’s Guide: The first lectures

Fresher’s Guide: The first lectures

Fresher’s Guide: The first lectures

Even though the Fresher’s week will be full of parties, socialising and most likely, the Student Union, you will have course inductions, and your first lectures and they may not seem like it, but they are the most important thing, because the only reason you are attending university is to receive a degree. This a guide on what to do, what to say and how to act in your first lectures.

Be careful

Showing up to your first lecture with a lot to say can have its disadvantages. Take a look around you to familiarise yourself with your fellow students before you start gossiping about what happened the night before, you could offend someone. Some university lecturers look different to what you expected them to, so keep your opinions bottled up until you’re outside the lecture hall.

Bring what you need

Even other students will look down on you for not bring one single pen to a week long of lectures, you might think you look cool or laid back, but you’ll look a bit stupid. You don’t need to take the entire stock of WHSmiths, but a couple of pens, notepaper and maybe a recording device will suffice.

Talk to people

Strike up a conversation with your neighbours, they’re going to be taking the course too and finding a study buddy can help you during exam season. It’s also a great excuse to meet lots of new people and start friendships, just remember to talk at the appropriate times! Your teacher, or fellow students, won’t appreciate you chatting through the entire class!

Pay attention

You’re there for a reason; you are at university to learn, and never forget this! You’re spending a lot of money to hear what the lecturer has to say, and to gain valuable experience and knowledge – don’t waste it. Attend lectures on a decent night of sleep beforehand, and with a good breakfast. Falling asleep or letting your mind wander will only damage yourself, as it when it comes to writing that coursework in a few weeks, you’ll have nothing to draw from and it’ll be much harder than it needs to be!

Know what lecture you’re attending

Read your timetable and explore your campus. If you end up spending an hour trying to find your classroom or lecture hall, it’s more time wasted, and it will be embarrassing when you do show up! Your university is a big place and is easy to get lost in. Also, prepare for the class beforehand. Check out the module information, and try to get the correct reading done before the lecture, it will help you understand what you’re going to be learning.

Avoid Freshers’ Flu

Fresher’s Flu is the worst thing during Fresher’s week and the first few weeks of term, but, it can happen to anyone, who parties too hard and for too long, and doesn’t get enough rest. If you find yourself partying every night and recovering every day, you’ll undoubtedly, get the Fresher’s Flu, and this can end up with you missing classes and important groundwork – don’t let it happen!

Show up

This is vital; show up. You can’t do anything without actually being at the lecture hall, you’ll have no notes, no memories or ideas about the subject that you’re going to be learning about during the term. Most courses need a minimum amount of attendance to let you pass it, and that doesn’t even include your coursework or assignment grades, so showing up is important.

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