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Fresher’s guide: The first two weeks

Fresher’s guide: The first two weeks

Fresher’s guide: The first two weeks

If you are anxious about starting university and what Fresher’s week will be like for first year students, this is the guide that you need to know about!


Your dorm of other dorm areas in your Halls will have parties. Once you have made friends with your new housemates you can check out who is throwing a party near you. The Halls closest to your room will be full of friends and allies that you’ll have during your time at university. If you follow the sound of laughter and music, you can probably find where the party is…


There will be lots of people around – rather drinking in your Halls, down your SU, or attending all the Fresher’s events organised at the university. Meeting people will be easy, and during this time everyone is feeling anxious, so making friends will be easier than you thought. You have to bear in mind that you won’t get along with everyone, you may have someone living next door, down the hall or who sits next to you during lectures that you really just don’t get – its fine, its natural, you can’t be friends with everyone! When you realise this it will be easier to spend your time on people you do get on with!


This is one of the hardest things to get your head around at university. Students, especially in the first year, may find that budgeting is not in their vocabulary and it can take a couple of terms until it appears! Watch what you spend, especially during Fresher’s as this is where most of your first Student Loans is spent: with drinking and fast food, but be careful! Your Loans need to last you the entire term and you don’t want to find out the hard way!


Shopping for one is harder than you think – you’ll either not buy enough or too much! You should never go food shopping when you are hungry as you’ll buy lots of food that you’ll probably not eat and the food will spoil. Or you may find yourself not having enough food and then spending too much money on fast food! Buying dry goods and cans/tins of food are the best investment, they last the longest and can be stored at room temperature giving you enough space in your fridge!

Realisation sinking in

You will feel lonely or homesick at one point during Fresher’s and this is perfectly normal! When this is the case, unpack things that have a lot of sentimental value, Skype your friends or call your mum! It will help ease the feeling, but you will get over it. Moving away will always cause lots of different emotions and feelings, it’s perfectly normal!

The course

There will be induction lessons, recommended reading lists will be sent and module outlines handed out. This will be all the information you need for the next year – this is what you will be studying and spending your time on. Try to attend all the induction lessons and any Campus tours or library sessions – to get you up to speed. It is best to know how to do everything now instead of later when you need it!

Societies and clubs

This is the perfect time to sign up! You will have the chance to meet a different category of people who are interested in the same things that you are! Getting involved with the clubs and activities around you can keep you busy and help you settle into university life.

Fresher’s week is full of new opportunities, activities and people to meet! There will be lots of new things to understand and to remember, but it’ll all become natural after a month or so. Get stuck in to everything that you can and it will be the best couple of weeks of your life!

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