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Freshers – Moving tips

Freshers – Moving tips

Freshers – Moving tips

Surely, the excitement of going to university, with the promise of new beginnings, experiences and people to meet, is enough to keep you going until your first class, however, the moving aspect is a huge milestone in many students’ lives, and this is our Freshers’ guide for moving tips.


This may be a big concern for you. We advise to go on to the university website and try to find pictures of room at Halls to give you an idea of how much room you’re going to have. If you attended an Open Day and had a tour then you should have an inkling. Take the necessities and anything that you do use regularly, as it will probably be the same case now, even if you’re 100 miles away. If you have the essentials then you’ll make it.


This can be dangerous, as if your university is very far from home, you can’t pop back to pick things up that you may need, leading you to spend money or go without. Make a list of things you need, want, and might need to take and fulfil it first. You can also print off our checklist to guarantee you don’t leave anything important behind!


There are lots of concerns about how much and what food to take. We advise a big shop before you arrive at university, and buy lots of food that last long and can be stored at room temperature, so you can have them in your room, in case the kitchen space isn’t generous. The food that you will use regularly but have a short life, like milk, bread, ham, etc. you can pop to your local supermarket often to pick them up. Also, check out your university notice boards, as farmer’s markets do visit some universities and you can get lots of fruit and veg for the fraction of the price!

Home comforts

Taking certain things with you will ease you into the process of moving away and starting a new chapter in your life. Simple things like taking your favourite bedding with you – even if it is just a red one! – pictures, pillows and cushions, all the things to keep you feeling at home and safe. Your room is going to be your space, completely your home when you are there for at least a year, so personalising it is important. Especially, as all rooms are similar, bare and empty – except for a bathroom, bed and computer desk (usually) – and this is your chance to get creative. Be sure to look into what the best tips for your room at university are.


Even if you are feeling shy or anxious when first arriving, resist the urge to unpack and be alone in your room. Leave your things, lock the door and go and mingle! First, go check out your fellow roommates in your Halls – these are the people you are going to see nearly every day, they’re your direct neighbours! Try to find someone in your class and/or course and start talking. This is getting the hardest part of moving in out of the way, and all the small talk and icebreakers will be said and done. You will have a chance to unpack later!

Moving away is scary enough, but to move to a completely new place, maybe on your own is hard to deal with. However, after a couple of days, you’ll become used to your new surroundings, start talking to people and really enjoying yourself. Freshers’ is full of activities, events and nights out, and it definitely won’t be boring!

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